Pastor - Dave Bouffard
Dave Bouffard and his wife, Andrea, and their 6 children joined our church family in 2013.  Dave graduated High School from Fort Ann and was a part of Cornerstone Bible Church through his Jr. & Sr. High years as his father was the pastor here from 1986-1994.  Dave & Andrea met while attending Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University) where they both earned undergraduate degrees in Bible and Camping Ministries, and Dave worked on a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership.  They served in full time Christian camp & conference center  ministry for over 12 years, and also spent 2 and a half years in Uganda, East Africa serving as the Director of Musana Camps of New Hope Uganda, a ministry to orphans.

In addition to his pastoral role, Dave is also the CCO of Epoch Work, the Interim Director of Peniel Bible Conference in Lake Luzerne, NY, and drives a school bus for Fort Ann.

Dave enjoys being with his wife and kids, outdoor activities (such as hunting, hiking, camping, hockey, and other sports), reading, music, eating Buffalo Wings, the Boston Red Sox & New England Patriots, and conversation!

Andrea enjoys reading, gardening, outdoor activities & sports, crocheting, and spends much of her time homeschooling their 5 children.

"It brings me great joy to be a part of this family of fellow Jesus followers and share in this journey of learning to live loved in the arms of our awesome Father! I count it a great privilege to walk alongside everyone God places in my life as we grow and share together in our faith Several years ago, I started asking some new questions about life, who God is, and what it looks like to live out our faith in our current cultural context and place in history. God continues to show me that Jesus' life reveals that His desire is for us to know we are loved, forgiven, and being made new no matter our background and story. In light of this, my desire is to share the love and hope I've received with others as God enables me and I think that's best done in the context of relationships rather than excessive religious structure. Yes, we have a church building and various services and activities that draw people together as part of weekly lives. Yet I am convinced that following Jesus looks more like living an honest life in community with others from all walks of life...relaxing into the reality of His presence and leading rather than in religious obligation and performance. This journey has led me to greatly value the experience of asking the deep questions in our hearts and coming together to worship and wrestle together with the Scriptures to find the truth and meaning God wants to give us for real life where the "rubber meets the road." I get to do that with some amazing people for an awesome God and we'd love to have you join the journey with us!"

- Dave