Welcome to Cornerstone Bible Church!

As followers of Christ, it is our desire that the person of Jesus be reflected in our lives more clearly with each passing day. We trust that our relationship with the Lord will grow in intimacy and significance the more we are able to walk in humble odedience to His will in our lives.
We believe the most effective way to see these ideals realized is by intentionally looking to the Lord (through reading His Word & prayer) and regularly meeting together with fellow believers.
When we were adopted as children of God, we were adopted into a FAMILY. As we look to our heavely Father for guidance and direction, we also look to our brothers and sisters in Christ for help and encouragement. As individual believers, we are dependant on the body of Christ to help us effectively grow in our understanding of who God is, who we are, and how we can be more like Him.
This is the reason our local church exists: For local believers to meet together regularly, encouraging & challenging each other in our faith, loving each other, & growing alongside each other, that others might be exposed to the love of Christ and be drawn into a meaningful relationship with Him.